Teacher Directions and Explanation of the Assignment


  1. Each content page has specific information related to the questions. The content on each page is presented at different levels, so the teacher has the ability to tier the assignment should he or she choose.
  2. I would divide my groups into partners or groups of three and have them upload a written document. At the middle school level, writing is the most emphasized skill. Uploading the written document also allows the teacher to print out the completed assignment for our writing folders and/or the articulation folders.
  3. The assignment can be varied. The teacher has the option to vary the number of resources used by the student; option include make the open response a tiered assignment or allowing students personal choice with regard to resources consulted. I have chosen to have them consult all of the resources as a means of pushing the students to a higher level. These are all forms of differentiated instruction.
  4. Prior to beginning this lesson the teacher must demonstrate how to properly use audacity to podcast the open responses. The podcast is vital because it is a bell and whistle meant to engage the student in editing their own paper.
  5. Teachers must batch upload login information so that students can upload their assignments.